Youth Unions Personnel Management Sciences participated in training staff association Union of University of National Economics

Towards the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the school, unlike previous years, the Union and Student Association have jointly organized a training period of great success despite facing many difficulties due to the external conditions.


Contact Details KHQL Faculty Association with 15 members, all taught from very early to prepare the facilities for the trip. Although the union was raining very loud but we remain enthusiastic spirit. The purpose of the trip is not just skills training for union staff and students, but also mounted members, teams under the Student Association, the Institute and Faculty

We arrived in Ninh Giang – Hai Duong with many hopes, but things are not as imaginary. During the trip, all the members have been through a lot of difficulties. Light rain from the sky, stadium in the state flooded, campsites become a quagmire. But all is fixed. 5 members of our units at the same camp: Travel Young, Institute of Business Administration, Faculty DLKS, KHPT Sciences, Faculty KHQL together, each pot belly to fill puddles sand and built up camp for nearly 90 people. It was a great effort because we know that there are comrades never once had to wade in mud, rain drenched with sunlight beams, each scooping hands that Maldives sand, like every inch of ground. And we understand that, for a certain few, then cook a normal dinner was not that easy, so that here, we cook together for nearly 90 people, only by wood stove. I see every drop of sweat pouring down lip, tears blurring his eyes from the smoke, but they still laugh, laugh because the small side trash, ugly of each. Rightfully so, “One more such trees Three trees bunched up on a high mountain”. Come to our camp, make sure you will be entertained by dainty delicacy: pickles, boiled, minced meat tears chan J and fried noodles possessions. Bunch of seniors, seniors we have together gone through some training season, but this is the first time I stood in the position a sister, led the group of children. This trip was how the children experience that the hard part of our forefathers, how they know each other, with each of his experience; also worry that they have sick or not, whether they get enough to eat, after the trip they really recognize the quality of students in general and the “poison” of the National Economic students in general. Well, life is full of thorns sequence, but nothing deterred footsteps our youths, did not prevent the curious, eager to learn of my children. Each ditch, clean flying grass land. Martyrs cemetery, pantheon of heroes are the children I cherish clean decorated.


At the halfway youth, we found many things unfinished, only the feet are always firmly. Night falls, it gets colder, but when the bird was flying down the fire, the fire flared up, each hand knitting married: “Run … ..chay away my dear, this is my fire, this world is my – there is nothing you can not do both “All of us like to be merged into one. The fire that seemed not immediate fire that burns in our hearts. Love, happiness and sunny smile dispel the cold. Each falling tears – tears of weariness, of happiness. These people – not even know each other, do not know much about each other, but only during his training, has opened their arms to embrace each other as a block, chanted together: “Science – Management” – “Management, Management”. “Color me run” – each face blur of colors as paintings depicting life. If life is only a very gloomy colors, but to mingle together paint the picture a beautiful life. Exciting background music, such as exploding hearts in love, together with the shoulder jacket, shouted: “Scientific Management – We are a family” – common roof, the roof of love, which teaches us I paint, draw strokes for a bright future.

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