Public Management Bachelor


Public Management Bachelor

The Public Management bachelor program in Vietnamese is designed to integrate trends based on international programs deployed since 2003. The program provides basic knowledge and updated information about public management, develops and trains students in skills and other important attitudes of a professional manager.

To ensure the international integration of public management practices, the Faculty of Management Science and Social Management departments always use experience from other universities which have provided Public Management programs around the world. Therefore, students, after graduation, can be capable of working in the public sector.

The goal of the program 

The main goal of the program is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of a competent public manager.


– Basic knowledge about economics and modern management;

– Expertise in public organizations and the public sector;

– In-depth knowledge of public management in organizations and fields following processes, perspective and outcome objectives;

– knowledge to analyze, evaluate and counsel public projects.


– Management skills in the management process;

– Management skills following functional activities (public finance, marketing, human resources, etc.);

– Skills in analysis, planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating public policy;

– Skills in using quantitative methods for collecting, processing data and making decisions;

– Soft skills such as self-management, teamwork, communication, presentation and negotiation.


– Be responsible and ethical, cultivate an innovative spirit and professional attitudes;

– Abide by the law and organizational regulations;

– Be motivated and willing to serve the community, be friendly and cooperate with colleagues as well as partners outside organization.

Teaching methods

Focus on learning, combine theory and practical management from Vietnam and around the world in order to let students to be more creative and dynamic.

There is a multi-dimensional relationship between students, lecturers and experts. Students also learn through group discussion, case studies and practical research arguments.


Lecturers on the Faculty are professors, associate professors, doctors and masters who were educated in England, America and Australia. They are knowledgeable, experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching, research and counseling.

Cooperate lecturers and collaborators are professional experts, many who have worked in high management positions in public administrative organizations. Many of them are also former students of the Faculty

Career opportunity 

With the Public Management Bachelor degree, students have the opportunity to work at:

– State management agencies, administrative organizations ranging from central to local areas;

– Domestic and international non-profit organizations in such areas as health, education, social welfare, poverty alleviation, gender equity, etc.

– As domestic and international counselors in public management and public policy;

– As researcher at an institute or lecturers in the universities and colleges of management and public policy.

Advanced  learning opportunities

– Continue studying master programs in Vietnam as well as in developed countries around the world after graduation;

– Continue studying and researching one specialized subject in public management as health management, education management, technological management, policy analysis, and other fields.