Professor receives nearly a million dollars because of the mysterious algorithm
Spent a lifetime studying the theorem no answer during three centuries, Professor Andrew Wiles finally at Oxford University (UK) has achieved results worthy.
According to CNN, from small Professor Andrew Wiles had a burning passion for mathematics, particularly after reading ET Bell’s The Last Problem. The argument that Professor British launched the first published in 1994 while he was working at Princeton University (New Jersey, USA).

He will receive the award at a ceremony Abel in Oslo (Norway) in May after 22 years to publish his work in the form of a 200 page document.

Fermat’s theorem was formed in 1637 by the French mathematician Pierre de Fermant. The theorem says that there exists the natural experience (other than 0), x, y, and z satisfy x n + y hat hat hat n = z n, where n is an integer greater than or equal to 3.


Professor Andrew Wiles. Image: CNN.

Nobel Prize awarded by the Academy of Science and Letters Norway and most prestigious in the field of mathematics. Award recipients will receive US $ 700,000 prize money.
When asked how it feels when solved a conundrum did the headache mathematicians for centuries, Andrew said: “It is very thrilling. That is the experience that we have lived by it. Suddenly you can see everything clearly that before very vague and inhibitors for too long “.
Abel awarding bodies have used many fine words to praise the contribution of Professor Wiles: “The proof of Wiles is not only the height of his career, is an epochal moment for the math school but also the result of an impressive personal journey starts from 3 decades ago. ”
This is not the first time recognized Professor Wiles through contributions in the field of mathematics. He had been knighted in 2000, won the mathematics prize of the US National Academy, the Wolf and the Royal Medal of the Royal Society.

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