Functions and duties
  • Departmental functions and duties
  • Functions and duties of Department
  • Functions and tasks of the research center
lDepartmental functions and duties

1. To export a change in organization, personnel department; registered with the school receive qualified training tasks, open branches and specialized training;

2. Develop training programs and plans for teaching, learning and chaired the organizing process of training one or several sectors; organize the training and other educational activity which in the program, general teaching plans of the school;

3. Led find partners and build the affiliate program of training at all levels, training system

4. Develop plans faculty development, curriculum development, and having the material according huongchuan base, increase quality assurance conditions, meeting society’s needs and ungnhu international integration;

5. To organize scientific activities and technology; actively exploiting the international cooperation projects; in collaboration with scientific institutions and technology, production facilities and business, linking training with scientific research, production, business and social life;

6. Organize activities policy advice and assistance to businesses, state authorities, public organizations, training and short-term fostering chungchi level prescribed by the school;

7. Management of civil servants, employees and students of the Department as assigned by the Principal;

8. Manage the content, methods, quality training, quality management activity which science and technology;

9. Organization compiled programs, curriculum courses delivered by the Rector; METHODS caitien research organizations giangday, learning;

10. Develop a plan and organize the work of political education, ideological, moral, living for civil servants, employees and learners; organize training, fostering professional qualifications and professional faculty and staff of the Department;

11. Evaluate management staff, faculty and researchers in science; participation evaluation upper management staff, management staff across the school level prescribed;

12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.

lFunctions and duties of Department

1. Responsible for the content, quality, schedule of teaching and learning of one or several subjects in the curriculum, general teaching plans of the school, faculty.

2. Develop and complete course content, compiling textbooks, reference materials related to nhommon learned Dean and Rector of delivery.

3. Researching and improving teaching methods, test, evaluation, organization of school activity which enhance chatluongdao thuatnham created.

4. There shall organize examinations, the examination questions, marking the end of the course modules due damnhiem Department.

5. Scientific research and technology development, implementation of scientific services and technology under the plan of the University and the Faculty; actively cooperates with educational institutions, scientific institutions and technology, production, business and services in order to link training, scientific research with production and social life, additional resources primary school; implementation of social services and international cooperation in the field of expertise of the subject.

6. Construction development plan for the teaching staff, scientific staff of the department; participate in the training and retraining of staff in the fields of scientific expertise.

7. Evaluate the management, training activities, science activities and technology of individuals, the department, the faculty and the school at the request of the University Council, the Rector, Dean.

8. Manage physical facilities, equipment department bicua

9. Perform other tasks as Principal and Dean of Faculty Affairs

lFunctions and tasks of the research center

1. Center of the Department, the business units with revenues, directly under the management of the Faculty, has functions of scientific research, short-term training, consulting, scientific applications in the areas of governance management, economics, business administration in the national economy and implementation of support services other training. Center personnel work on a part-time basis does not use the University’s payroll.

2. The center director and deputy director, some contract workers (as proposed by the School’s Register Centre) and members of the science faculty and other units in the field. Deputy director of the Center is the assistant director of the Centre carried out the tasks assigned by the Director.

3. The Centre operates under the principle of self-financing, self-financing costs. Organizations implementing revenue and expenditure in accordance with the rules, financial management regime of the State and regulations of the school. Centre responsible for contributing funding under the regulation of Sciences and the School of internal monthly and annual delivery plan of the University.

4. Rector decided to establish and approve regulations on organization and operation of internal financial regulations of the Centre and appoint the Director, Deputy Director of the Centre.

5. The term of office of the Director, Deputy Director, Centre for 5 years and can be reappointed. Age when appointed Director, Deputy Director of the Centre is no more than 55 for men and 50 years for women. The term of office of the Deputy Director of the Centre in accordance with the term of the Director of the Centre and may be reappointed

6. Standards, guidelines, processes and procedures for the appointment, re-appointment and dismissal of the Director and Deputy Director of the Centre shall comply with the provisions of the current legislation and the National Economics University.

7. Each year, principals rated the Director, Deputy Director of the Center on the degree of completion of assigned tasks. The director and deputy director of the Centre did not complete the task phaiduoc timely replacement.

Functions and duties of the managerial positions are presented in Section organization of scientific apparatus.