Economic Management Bachelor


Economic Management Bachelor

The bachelor degree program in Economic Management illustrates one of the sustainable developing programs at National Economics University. This program is provided in Vietnamese to train professional managers and consultants in economic fields. While studying the Economic Management program, students will have chance to gain knowledge as well as skills related to economics, management and business administration.

To provide the Economic Management program, Faculty and the Department of Economic Management always focus on research and development programs following international trends in order to ensure students examine continuously updated knowledge and management skills.

The goal of the program 

The bachelor degree in Economic Management trains professional management and consultants in the field of economic management and economic policy with the following standards:


– Basic knowledge of modern economics, management and business administration;

– Knowledge of policy process and economic policy analysis;

– Knowledge of economic management and development;

– Knowledge of organizational management.


– Skills in analyzing, planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating economic policy;

– Management skills in the process (planning, organizing, leading and controlling);

– Skills in research and economic forecasts;

– Skills in analyzing decisions and using modern tools for decision making process;

– Skills in communication, presentation, teamwork, negotiation, change management and conflict resolution.


– Respect and abide the law, be morally and professionaly responsible;

– Be conscious, disciplined and demonstrate esprit de corps;

– Be creative, innovative, self-starters.

Teaching methods

Focus on learning, combine theory and practical management from Vietnam and around the world in order to let students to be more creative and dynamic.

There is a multi-dimensional relationship between students, lecturers and experts. Students also learn through group discussion, case studies and practical research argument.


Lecturers on the faculty are professors, associate professors, doctors and masters who were educated in England, America and Australia. They are knowledgeable, experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching, research and counseling.

Cooperate lecturers and collaborators are professional experts, many who have worked in high management positions in public administrative organizations. Many of them are also former students of the Faculty.

Career opportunity 

Student in the Economic Management degree program can work for State management agencies of economics, enterprises, research organizations, economic universities, counseling organizations, political organizations and social organizations. Namely:

–       Department of counselling, analyzing, planning, organizing and evaluating policy in Ministry, local government or other State management agencies.

–       Planning department, project management department, human resources management department, etc. in enterprises, public organizations and social organizations.

–       Universities, research institutes, policy counselling agencies as lecturer, researcher and expert.

Advanced  learning opportunities

After graduation, students specializing in Economic Management can:

– Continue studying master programs in Vietnam as well as in developed countries around the world;

– Continue studying and researching one specialized subject such as financial management, monetary, international trade management, economic integration management, economic policy analysis, and other fields.